Steepl Tea

About Us

Premium loose leaf tea inspired by the talent of artists in Canada and across the globe. Our unique blends seek to change the way you experience a cup of tea through our focus on flavour, quality, and creativity.
Focus on Flavour

Our tea is picked by our growers at its seasonal peak, ensuring the highest quality and freshness for all of our varieties. We use only all-natural ingredients in our blends and strive to provide options that meet the latest trends, while satisfying all of the classic tastes. From robust black teas to tasty tisanes, we have an option for everyone’s favourite mug. 

Ethically Sourced
We’re passionate about offering high-quality and sustainable tea options that are ethically sourced from growers around the world. Our teas come from producers with flawless track records and a proven commitment to:

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Sustainable farming and manufacturing processes
  • Social equity for workers
  • Commitment to education for worker’s families
  • An ethical, compliant and food safe business ethos

Driven by Creativity

We want our products to inspire and delight our customers through a complete sensory experience. Our tea arrives in packages designed by talented artists, intended to heighten your enjoyment of the aroma and taste of the tea inside. Every year we refresh our packaging with new and vibrant art to ensure we’re showcasing new and emerging creators. 

Independently Owned
We’re a proud independently owned small business from Windsor, Ontario. 

Steepl Tea